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February 2016



Women need to be independent of everyone else, to have something they can hold onto for themselves. That means some money—some money in savings and some ability to earn, and that’s true for everyone. Period.
— Sen. Elizabeth Warren


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Short Films:

  • Five: Five children, five religions, (almost) five minutes. From Director – Katina Mercadante
  • Out and Around: A documentary film in partnership with It Gets Better that captures one couples incredible journey to find the leaders of the global gay rights movement.

“I am not satisfied in making money for myself. I endeavor to provide employment for hundreds of the women of my race.”
— Madam C.J. Walker

6.08.15 – 6.14.15



  • Quotabelle.com 
    Quotabelle is compiling the most modern collection of sourced quotations by women & girls, curated to speak to us in this contemporary moment.

“I just thought, ‘I’m going to clean three bighorn sheep heads today—
I think that’s kind of remarkable.
Maybe I’ll start a blog.'”
-Emily Graslie  
Field Museum’s first ever “Chief Curiosity Correspondent’
Creator & star of the  The Brain Scoop vlog

May 2015

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“We are superwomen and winning is our only possible end.”
– Devin Saragosa-Harris

April 2015

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“The best way for us to cultivate fearlessness in our daughters and other young women is by example. If they see their mothers and other women in their lives going forward despite fear, they’ll know it’s possible.”
– Gloria Steinem

4.20.15 – 4.26.15

March 2015

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“I am here because I need to tell my girls there is nothing wrong if they like something that society says is for boys. I am here because I have a responsibility as a man to show boys there is nothing shameful in a man doing a role that is normally filled by a woman … I am here because putting your self in a woman’s shoes does not make you less of a man, it makes you more of a person.”
– John Marcotte
TedX: ‪Girls can be their own superheroes

3.23.15 – 3.29.15



I just have to be myself. I’m not perfect, and I’m going to make mistakes; I might say the wrong thing. I have to be responsible to my community, and I feel like I am, but then I have to not be so hard on myself.
Laverne Cox


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