How To: Make Your Own Freshening Room Spray

The whole DIY movement has meant a lot to me. It’s actually hard not to get into DIY when you live in New Orleans, because every parade is an excuse to put your creativity to work and make something cool and unusual. It’s one of my favorite things about a city that values ingenuity, passion, and glitter.

In particular, I have loved making my own household goods. Some experiments have been more successful than others. (I have not exactly mastered the vinegar oven cleaning hack, and I’ve sacrificed a glass measuring cup to the candle-making gods.) But my latest endeavor has been to marry my seventh-grade science fair aromatherapy nerd-out with practical tactile house-witchery in order to make:



Listen, I would be happy if I never smelled Febreeze again. Somehow, no matter what kind of pre-packaged scent-sation it’s got – Apple Cinnamon? Ocean Afternoon? Crisp White Bedsheets From A Caucasian Home? – it just smells like industrial chemicals to me.


And yet, I live in a mildewy swamp city and I share my home with another human and a dog.

Something had to be done.

So I went to Whole Foods to find some essential oils and a small spray bottle. Honestly, you can find these things in so many different places; you can go to CVS or Rite Aid, or your local farmer’s market if there’s a particularly robust one in your area, or even online to Amazon. Spend your money where you want.

The formula to make a freshening spray is insanely simple. The most important ingredients are essential oil, vodka, and distilled water. The vodka helps combine the oils with the water, and helps the spray evaporate on your surfaces.


For my own, I used jojoba oil instead of vodka, because I want to be able to spray it all over my face and body too, and jojoba oil makes it skin-friendly! If you want to do the same, just remember to shake up well before each spray.

I picked scents I like: lavender, peppermint, and eucalyptus. Lavender and peppermint together accomplish this incredible feat of both relaxing and invigorating me, and eucalyptus brings in a note of sharp aromatic freshness.


I started with about a tablespoon of jojoba oil, poured right into my tiny blue bottle.

Then added about 15-20 drops of each oil. But added 10 extra drops of lavender, since it is the most subtle of the three AND is my favorite.


I topped it off with chilled, filtered water. Shook it up, and went to town.


Now, I’ll say: this definitely doesn’t linger in the air quite as long as Febreeze does. (To me, that’s a good thing.) With vodka instead of jojoba oil, I think it might be different. But oh boy, does it feel like a garden in the clouds when you first hit that nozzle.

Also, if you are smell-sensitive or if you live with someone who is (as I do), this non-lingering all-natural spray is wonderful for its unobtrusiveness.


It’s a perfect bite-sized project. You can do this in five minutes. Or, if you are like me and you enjoy prolonging even the simplest of your house-witchery rituals, it can last a blissful twenty.

Think of this as a tiny brain vacation. Enjoy making something with your hands, using your eyes and nose simultaneously, and bless your house.

BRB, off to make a cute little label for this wonderfully tiny bottle.



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