How To: Register to Vote

Have you registered to vote yet? We urge you to double check your registration status and make sure you’re up to date in time for Election Day, November 8th 2016!

Women in Media [Episode 4]: The Perspective Test (TV Edition)

Why are we more likely to hate female characters than male – especially when the female character’s actions are driven by understandable motives? Check out our latest episode of Women in Media and join our discussion about some of the most popular female characters!     Ideas for future episodes? Leave us a comment below!

How To: Do Laundry

Questions about the elusive task of laundry? We’ve got the answers right here, in this quick guide to Laundry 101.   Are there any other video guides you’d like to see? Leave us a comment below!

Women in Media [Ep 3]: Hidden (Female) Figures

To check out the previous episode of Women in Media, click here! Inspired by the upcoming film “Hidden Figures” and the often untold story of Katherine Johnson, Caitlin and Alex were inspired to think of other women who haven’t received the glory they deserve.   More examples? Ideas for future videos? Comment below!

How To: Parallel Park

Having trouble fitting into that parking spot? Check out our tips on how to parallel park!     Are there any other video guides you’d like to see? Leave us a comment below!

Women in Media [Ep 2]: The Perspective Test

On our first episode of “‘Women in Media,” we explored the Bechdel Test. For our second episode, we’ve created our own test – The Perspective Test. When watching a movie or TV show, ask yourself this: does the story still make sense from the female character’s POV?   More examples? Ideas for future episodes? Comment

How To: Cut an Onion

Let us show you the easiest way to cut an onion in under two minutes! Any other strategies you’d like to share? Questions? Leave us a comment below!

How To: Understand the Bechdel Test [Women in Media Ep 1]

In our brand new video series, Women in Media, members of Team TWIGG How-To will be discussing issues about women and their representation in the media. On our first episode, Caitlin and Alex meet up to talk about the ever mysterious Bechdel Test. I’m sure you’ve heard of it, but are you using it correctly?