How To: Park in Los Angeles

Los Angeles is famous for many things: sunshine all year long, celebrity sightings at fancy restaurants, and, unfortunately, tons of traffic. As one of the largest cities in the world, Los Angeles is a hugely popular destination for transplants, and frankly, there are a lot of people here. Not surprisingly, most of these people drive

How To: Fall Asleep on a Plane

I travel fairly frequently, both for work and pleasure, and often end up taking overnight flights (“red-eyes”). I used to have a really hard time sleeping on a plane, but after wasting too many vacation days catching up on sleep, I’ve learned how to sleep on planes so I can hit the ground running. If

How To: Plan a Trip

There are a lot of great vacation packages out there and it’s tempting to place your fate in the hands of a touring company. Oftentimes, it may be great! But what if you want to do / see other things? Why compromise? I am an avid planner and take great joy in working through all

How To: Exchange Currency

You’re at home and just receive the news that you have won a trip abroad. Thoughts immediately flood your head, but one sticks out in particular: you have never left the country before. When you’re home, you are accustomed to the humdrum life of daily tasks that take up your time. Shopping, working, appointments, etc.

How To: Choose Clothing for a Backpacking Trip

Before this summer, every time I packed for a two- to three-night backpacking trip I would stare into my Osprey and wonder what I needed. Do I take my puffy jacket and a fleece? How many pairs of socks do I need? Do I take a book or a journal – or both? I know

How To: Take Advantage of the Fulbright Program

Hi TWIGGies! My name is Katherine and I was the Contributor Coordinator for TWIGG’s first year of existence. I’m excited to finally write my first article—even though it took me moving thousands of miles away and changing my lifestyle to get around to it. Intrigued? Read on!   Whenever I tell people I’m currently teaching

How To: Drive in Ireland

I know what you’re thinking – what an oddly specific article this is! So I’ll start by saying a lot of these tips might cross over into other countries, but since I only have experience with it in Ireland I thought I’d keep it specific and simple. Ireland is a beautiful country, but in my

How To: Travel Internationally

Over the years, my family and I have traveled to many countries outside of the United States, and along the way, I learned some tips and tricks from my experiences I wanted to share!   Keeping Your Things Safe When I first traveled to a big city in another country, I was super nervous about

TWIGG How-To Takes NY!

Hey everyone, Alex here! So about two months ago, Caitlyn tagged my name on an Instagram post. It was promoting a video contest, where you had to answer the question: “What does Feminism mean to you?” It sounded cool, but the deadline was in a week and a half – so I remember thinking to myself,

How To: Keep Your Cool on the New York Subway

I moved to New York City six months ago. Living here has been a dream of mine since I was 11. Whenever I came to visit, I always loved the crisp, autumn air of a New York November, the glorious skyscrapers looming over me, the electric spirit of the city at all hours of the