How To: Fix Slow Internet

Internet is such an integral part of our existence, that to be without it is almost like living without air. Ok, that might be a little exaggerated, but internet is an important part of our daily lives, whether that is for work, or for posting cat pictures to Tumblr. The honest truth is that being

How To: Find Your Forgotten Wifi Password

I’m one of those people who just accepts the wifi password I’m given. If I could choose my password, it’d be something really easy like “alex_is_tha_best.” But instead, it’s something like “D348GJ88093CC2.” So every time my friends come over and ask to use my wifi, it’s the same old song and dance – searching far and wide for that

How To: Save a Wet Cell Phone

  By this point, smartphones (for those of us who are lucky enough to have access to them) have become almost like another appendage. We use them to stay in constant communication with our friends, to maintain 24/7 access to our email (what is that mythical “work-life balance” anyway, am I right?), to consult our

How To: Split and Merge PDFs

Have you ever finished a big scanning project only to realize that (DISASTER!) some of the pages have been scanned wrong—gone askew or (even worse!) are covered with giant black streaks because of a mishap with the scanning light? Maybe you’ve been emailed a PDF that needed one page extracted, and cursed the technology gods

How To: Clear Your Browser’s Cache

You’ve probably seen this message from time to time while surfing the internet. And I’m sure we’ve all agreed to let the site use cookies without even knowing what cookies are. As a web developer, it’s not uncommon for us to use cookies to store information about a user on our site. But what the

How To: Build a Website, Pt. 3

Hi friends! Welcome to the final installment of our three-part series on website construction! Last time, we built the skeleton of our website. This time, we’re going to add our content and make it look pretty.   Step 4: Adding content We’re almost done with our website, and now it’s time to personalize it a

How To: Build a Website, Pt. 2

Hi friends! Welcome back to How to Build a Website (Part 2). Last time, we got ourselves set up, learned a bit about HTML and CSS, and started building our website. In this section, we’re going to talk about laying out your website.   Step 3: Building a layout Remember div tags from earlier? Div

How To: Build a Website, Pt. 1

  Hi friends! My name is Nisha and, as you can probably guess from the title, I’m here to teach you a little bit about how to build a website. I just graduated from college studying computer science, and I now work in technology, but my experience with web design goes all the way back

How To: Extract Images From Google Docs

Here at the TWIGG How-To Headquarters, we use Google Drive for everything. Since our contributors and staff are located all over the country, Google Docs is an invaluable tool because it lets everyone access articles regardless of their location. Part of my job description as Managing Editor is to move a contributor’s article from Google