How To: Deal With Impostor Syndrome

There’s no one way to address the sinking, secret feeling that creeps into your gut to make you fear you’re an impostor. Sometimes you have to try what feels like a million different things before something sticks. Sometimes just one thing will work. Sometimes you do something without thinking about it at all, and it

How To: Not Ghost Someone

I, like many young people, have established a ‘bucket list’ of things I want to do, see, or accomplish before I poetically bow out of this life and into my next reincarnated form (or whatever. Stay tuned for my next article, How To: Philosophize About The Great Unknown). While many of the uncompleted items on

How To: Handle Confrontation

“I’m just really bad at confrontation. I’ll do anything I can to avoid it.”   I would say I’ve heard that sentiment, verbatim, from most of my female friends, throughout my entire life. Whether it’s a personality trait, or the result of a gendered social education, many girls and women simply don’t like engaging in

How To: Paint Your Nails

Step 1: Prep your canvas Before any painting can go down you have to get all your ducks in a row. Whether you want nails that are square, round pointy, short, long, or just exactly the way they are you can decide to clip or file or do absolutely nothing to your nails. Once everything

How To: Not Be Awkward at a Networking Event

Networking is a necessary evil that generally does not prompt an enthusiastic response. However, with some of these tips in your arsenal, hopefully your next networking event will feel less intimidating, and maybe even open the door to let you have some fun!   1) Be prepared with a few “elevator pitches” (a short, prepared

How To: Understand the Bechdel Test [Women in Media Ep 1]

In our brand new video series, Women in Media, members of Team TWIGG How-To will be discussing issues about women and their representation in the media. On our first episode, Caitlin and Alex meet up to talk about the ever mysterious Bechdel Test. I’m sure you’ve heard of it, but are you using it correctly?

How To: Take Care of Yourself Through Hardship

A lot of the articles here on TWIGG How-To have pretty linear problem-solving steps. We love getting you through uncharted territory! However, some things in life can’t be fixed with a quick infographic, and we get that. When you are going through a breakup, a loss of a loved one, loss of an opportunity, or

How To: Mail a Letter or Package in the USA

What can I say about the U.S. Postal Service? Much like your long morning commute, the USPS is slow, confusing, and often leaves you in a bad mood. I have spent many a frustrating afternoon questioning my life choices in the post office. The USPS is, of course, not the only option for mailing something,

How To: Make Your Own Hair Products

Hair products are so commonplace and integrated into our lives that we don’t always think about how much of an effect they have on our wallets, our “green” footprint, and our health. When it comes to hair, I’ve had it all: chemically straightened, naturally kinky, highlighted, texturized, and most recently, locs or “dreadlocks.” Thanks to

How To: Begin to Understand Intersectionality

The concept of intersectionality states that different institutions of discrimination cannot be separated from one another. Intersectionality refers to the interconnected nature of discriminatory “-isms” and “phobias.” Feminism can’t be focused on the struggle of the educated, white, heterosexual female, as it historically has been in the US, because it leaves people out who experience