How To: Phonebank for a Candidate

Volunteering for a candidate is a relatively easy process. Once you have been struck by a politician in a positive way and you realize that you believe in their campaign, it is very easy to reach out and become a volunteer . Most candidates will have a link on their website where you can fill

How To: Get Involved with Local Community Movements

I’ve been Assistant Director of a community organization in my city for nearly a year now. At this point, opportunities to be involved with political movements fall into my lap. But of course, I wasn’t always getting e-mails and Facebook invites to rallies and marches. I had to start by seeking those things out. Halfway

How To: Protest Peacefully

On November 12, 2016, I attended my first political protest. (Can you guess what it was about?) It was a galvanizing experience—I was able to see firsthand the huge number of people wanting to make the same statement I did, and I left the march committed to finding action steps I could take as an

How To: Register to Vote

Have you registered to vote yet? We urge you to double check your registration status and make sure you’re up to date in time for Election Day, November 8th 2016!

How To: Watch the Presidential Debate Without Cable

Wow. What an exciting election we’ve had. Exciting is, to my mind, the kindest word I could probably use, but we’re not here to listen to how appalled I am in a country I expect so much more from, and so I’ll refrain from mentioning how upsetting and awful some of the rhetoric and action

How To: Voice an Opinion to Your Congressional Representatives

In the month of June 2016, I made more calls to Congress than all previous political calls I’ve made, combined: calls to support Chris Murphy’s filibuster on the Senate floor, calls to applaud John Lewis and Katherine Clark’s sit-in on the House of Representatives’ literal floor, and calls to ask my own representatives to join

How To: Get Something Notarized

It finally happened. Deep down inside, I felt like I was just waiting for this moment to arrive – to bust out of my adolescent cocoon and into an adult butterfly! For some reason, getting a document notarized seems so grown-up. And with all that build up, I’m here to tell you…it’s actually pretty lame

How To: Understand the Nuances of American Politics

2016 is a big year in American politics. We’re going to elect our next president. There are some major Congressional elections this year. Some states are voting on issues regarding marijuana laws, reproductive rights, taxes, and immigration. A lot of buzzwords get thrown around, and some the meaning of some terms gets lost in biased

How To: Prepare for the Presidential Election

When are you supposed to register to vote? What day is Election Day? Can I mail my ballot in? If you haven’t been paying attention to the upcoming presidential election, don’t fear. The race will have no incumbents—President Barack Obama is finishing up his second term—so it promises to be interesting. Candidates will likely announce