How To: Fight an Incorrect Credit Card Charge

Nobody likes dealing with the bank, but sometimes you need to. Whether it’s asking for another line of credit, closing an account, opening an account, or just making sure your finances are kosher, sometimes that very annoying phone call is needed. My parents – mom especially, but both parents – are both pretty good with

How To: Do Your Taxes For Free

If you have not yet declared your income for 2016, do not keep waiting… do it! But don’t worry, because we’re here to help.   Did you know that you CAN do your own taxes? The United States tax system is called the internal revenue service (I.R.S.); they’re at your disposal and completely free. They

How To: Start a 401(k) With Your Employer

As young people, our biggest advantage is having time on our side. Which also means having more time to save for retirement and more time for our money to grow through compound interest. Basically, your money makes money without you really having to do all that much. Sounds pretty sweet, right? Sure you won’t see

How To: Save Money Apartment Hunting in New York City

My husband and friends call me an Apartment Wizard for always finding the best apartments available in my budget within a tight timeline. I moved to NYC right after college and have lived in apartments of all price ranges, including the “very low” price point many younger people find themselves in. I’ve learned many lessons

How To: Buy the Right Guitar

Buying a guitar or any musical instrument for the first time can be a daunting task, especially if you don’t know or trust people involved in the musical retail business. The goal of this article is to outline the absolute basics about what to look for when buying your very first instrument. First a bit

How To: Start, Keep, and Protect Good Credit

One day you’re going to have your first experience where you truly feel like a financially independent adult – and it will be stressful. You might be applying for your first apartment without roommates or buying your first car without a cosigner or, even more monumental, mortgaging a home. No matter which of these things

How To: Understand Compound Interest

Investing can be a broad and scary topic, especially when you have no previous experience with it. I found investment VERY daunting at first, but after studying Economics at UCLA, I realized it’s a lot simpler when you tackle it piece by piece rather than as a whole. One important concept I think everybody should know

How To: Tip Your Server

“How much should I tip?” It’s a question each of us has faced at some point or another while staring at that empty line on the bottom of our check. Even though it seems like a simple question that deserves a simple answer, the complexity behind it tends to halt numerous patrons in their tracks.

How To: Create a Monthly Budget

It’s the third Friday of the month. We all know what that means — PAYCHECK! You clock out at 5pm with that sweet, sweet piece of paper in hand. This is going to be a good weekend… Fast forward three days. You’re at the ATM and your balance is looking…small? But how is that possible?

TWIGG Video: How To Write a Check

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