How To: Use Roof Racks and Tie Downs

Hey everyone! Before starting this how-to I’d like to preface: I am not now, nor have I ever been, a professional mover. I’m positive there are people out there who have cunning engineering knowledge about the time-honored tradition of tying stuff to one’s roof and taking it someplace other than it previously was, and could

How To: Drive in Ireland

I know what you’re thinking – what an oddly specific article this is! So I’ll start by saying a lot of these tips might cross over into other countries, but since I only have experience with it in Ireland I thought I’d keep it specific and simple. Ireland is a beautiful country, but in my

How To: Parallel Park

Having trouble fitting into that parking spot? Check out our tips on how to parallel park!     Are there any other video guides you’d like to see? Leave us a comment below!

How To: Park on a Hill

  I recently fell down a internet rabbit hole and found myself watching videos of automobiles sliding down hills (still have no idea how or why). The idea of my car driving away without me was terrifying, and I decided to see if there was a safer way to part on a hill. This is

How To: Drive in the Snow

“Drive really slow and don’t trust anyone.” This is what my roommate told me as I was walking out the door and about to drive in the snow for the first time. I was a 22-year-old southern California native and I was living in Colorado with my Ford Focus. During the last several years, I

How To: Change Your Brake Light

After hanging out with our TWIGG How-To Pit Crew, also featured in this article, I learned another car maintenance tip that you can easily take care of yourself: changing your brake light. I’ve had many friends ignore it and hope it will go away after a while, but the police WILL notice and WILL pull

How To: Buy a New Car

So you’ve decided it’s time for a new car. Maybe your car is old, and those maintenances are starting to add up.  Or you’re tired of that stain on the passenger seat.  You’re older now, more adult, and want a more established vehicle than the one you were driving in high school.  It’s your birthday.

How To: Change Your Car’s Air Filter

I think it’s happened to everyone.   You go to the mechanic for something routine, and they just happen to find that something else is wrong. For me, it was my car’s air filter. They told me it was urgent that I replace it, and it would cost another $60. Knowing nothing about car maintenance,

How To: Drive Safely on the Freeway

Driving on the freeway can be an intimidating proposition: merging, changing lanes at 65+ mph, and navigating giant semi-trucks is enough to give even experienced drivers pause. It’s good to be cautious, but the world is big and it’s important to be able to get yourself from place to place. And in fact, freeways are