Back to School Essentials – Recommended by The Winging It Girls

Summer is ending and school is approaching! Whether you’re in high school, college, or even getting your Masters – these three articles, chosen by the team at TWIGG How-To, should be on your study list.

How To: Take Notes for Class” – Suggested by Alex.

I feel like we all master this skill after it’s too late, but don’t wait to read Elena’s article – it’s a lifesaver!


How To: Get Along with Roommates” – Suggested by Krisha. 

Whether you’re just moving into your first college dorm room, or moving in with your bestie, adjusting to living with new people can be verrry interesting. Here are some of our top tips to making the best of your living situation during some of the greatest years of your life!


How To: Study Like a Pro” – Suggested by Rachel.    

Don’t get caught off guard by a back-to-school learning curve! Check out this article for a refresher course in how to study efficiently and effectively.

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