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We’re The Winging It Girls’ Guide – aka TWIGG How-To.

We know navigating independence is hard – but you CAN fireproof your apartment, land your dream job, and build good credit. All you need is the right information, and the confidence in knowing that other girls have tried before you and made it happen. TWIGG How-To is your one stop shop for the practical advice you need to thrive on your own – all written by women for women.



It all started with four Los Angeles based ladies who, after an afternoon swapping war stories about everything from first apartments to first jobs, realized that websites for women could use a bit of a makeover.

The internet is full of lifestyle blogs aimed at teaching young women about the season’s most fabulous get-ups and makeup styles. We love a good fashion site as much as the next – but what happens after you step into the world looking flawless? Perfectly applied lipstick isn’t going to change your oil, or help you save for retirement.

Not the type to shy away from a challenge, we decided to create a community where this practical knowledge is shared and celebrated. We asked girls across the nation what they’d like to learn, collected answers from other women who have been there before, and The Winging It Girl’s Guide, aka TWIGG How-To, was born.

What We Believe

We believe in creating a damsel-free world. We believe in sharing knowledge and supporting one another. We believe in community. We believe in trying and failing.
And we believe it’s okay to ask for help.

TWIGG How-To started as a site by women, for women. But our ultimate aim is inclusivity, and we understand gender and sex are not binary. However you identify, we hope you find this site helpful. We believe in the equality of all humans, regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, social status, income, age, or other differentiating feature. This is our feminism.

We believe in creating an inclusive space. We consciously choose to use “they” as a singular pronoun rather than the binary “he or she.” TWIGG How-To is a platform for voices that are not always heard; we encourage as many diverse experiences and perspectives as possible.

We believe that people are not perfect and that they can evolve. This applies to us too – we may have made mistakes somewhere on this site.
If you find one, please tell us! Our platform is always growing and evolving.

We believe, at the end of the day, we’re all just wingin’ it.
Together we are capable of accomplishing any goal, big or small.


TWIGG How-To started with 4 girlfriends & 4 laptops …
but we’ve come a long way with a little (or a lot) of help from our friends.
Everything TWIGG How-To is created by 20-something women (& our Wingmen) winging it together!

Find out more about our team below!

Alex Regalado

Co-Founder & Head of Media

Alex is a three-time award winning video editor, specializing in documentary and social justice work. All she really wants is to be self-sufficient and to make a difference, in whatever way that manifests. For fun, Alex embraces the Angeleno life by indulging in the latest food trends and spending way too much time sitting in traffic.


Caitlyn Young

Creator, Co-Founder & Creative Editor

Caitlyn is a UCLA History grad, expert coffee-orderer and comically clumsy banjo player with big hair to house all her big ideas (and endless killer whale knowledge). She was inspired to create TWIGG How-To after watching her girlfriends teach each other a ton of new things during the post-college-real-world-shuffle. Caitlyn’s hope for TWIGG How-To is to help girls around the world accomplish any goal, big or small, with confidence and a happy dance. Always a happy dance.


Jenna Perelman

Co-Founder & Managing Editor

Jenna is a recent graduate from Scripps College with a degree in Environmental Policy. She is an executor, an organizer, and a get-it-done type girl, who makes sure all the editors know how to use an em dash. She's at her happiest when she's backpacking in the mountains of New Mexico.


Krisha Agatep

Web Designer & Developer

Originally from the Bay Area, Krisha is a recent graduate from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo just tryin’ to get by in the mean streets of Los Angeles. When she’s not furiously writing (and breaking) code or trying to burn off calories at the gym, she’s busy eating brunch, peppermint bark, or drinking wine.


Team TWIGG How-To

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Team TWIGG How-To is constantly growing and looking to expand our team! Currently, we're looking for:

  • Social Media Mavens
  • Article Editors
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  • Videographers and Editors

If you or a friend are interested in any of these positions, please reach out to alex@twigghowto.com!