Four Summer Essentials – Recommended by the Winging It Girls

It’s summer, and we’ve got four essential articles just for the occasion – courtesy of “the Winging Girls.” 


How To: Take Care of a Sunburn– Suggested by Alex.

Look on the bright side… it’ll turn into a tan eventually. Until then, save your skin with these live-saving tips. 







“How To: Save Money on Your Energy Bill” – Suggested by Rachel. 

Turning on the AC may seem inevitable these days, but don’t worry! This article will help you save those dollars while staying cool. 





“How To: Get Rid of Mosquito Bites” – Suggested by Krisha.

Waking up with mystery bites? Don’t scratch your skin off. Here’s your guide to feeling like a bump-free human again. 








How To: Climb a Mountain” – Suggested by Caitlyn. 

Don’t be boring like me this summer. Climb a mountain.

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