Put an open avocado in a container with hard boiled eggs to prevent avocado from browning.

If you don't have time to iron shirts, put them next to you when you take a hot shower.

If you're a night owl, try setting a bedtime alarm.

When your lights go out point your flashlight up to light up the entire room.

Hold the "option" key when clicking on the WiFi icon on your Macbook to see connection strength.

Leave a tea bag in your shoes overnight to eliminate odors.

In large parking lots, always take a picture of the parking lot number before walking away from your car.

Make cut flowers last longer with sugar and white vinegar.

When trying to open a tightly sealed lid, try putting a snug rubber band around it.

Do reverse image search on images from sketchy apartment ads.

To make a protein smoothie without protein powder, use skim milk and Greek yogurt.

In cold places in winter, don't crank the heat up too much. Your bills will go through the roof, and besides - you stay warmer dressing warmly (sweatshirt, etc) than by using a heater.

If you get an overdraft charge on your account, call the bank and ask to reverse it. They'll do it for you, no matter the reason for the overdraft in the first place.

If you're not sure if it's "whose" or "who's," just try to say "who is" and see if the sentence still makes sense. Can also be applied to "you're and your," "it's and its," and (to an extent) "they're, their, and there."

If there are deodorant stains on a silk shirt, rub the silk fabric on itself to wipe away residue.

Bloody nose? Cold water gets blood out of fabrics before it stains.

Place a piece of bread with any stored baked goods to keep your treats fresh longer.

Pressing '0' on most automated phone systems sends you to a representative.

Always have your license plate and vin number written down somewhere in case your car is stolen.

Dial *67 to block your number on outgoing calls.

Add "ICE' to the name of an emergency contact in your phone so responders know who to call "In Case of Emergency".

Write "No Longer at this Address" or "Return to Sender" and place back in your outgoing mailbox to notify the post office of a wrong address on mail.

Always place a blanket or sheet down when moving large items in your car to keep from tearing your car's interior.

Never dispose of used cooking oil down your drain. Place in a container and take to your community's cooking oil recycling program or throw away instead.

Never light candles during a power outage in case there is a gas leak. Use battery powered flashlights instead.

Typing "~" before any word in Google to include it's synonyms in your search results.

Rub Vaseline over a small cut to stop it from bleeding.

To give a 20% tip just move the decimal over one spot to the left on your total and double it.

Rub a sliced lemon or the inside of a banana peel to help heal a mosquito bite.

You can use a dollar bill as a make-shift ruler, because it's about six inches long.

The best times to drink water are before bed, before showering, before eating, and after waking up.

Bed Bath and Beyond coupons NEVER expire.

Use rubber gloves to remove pet hair from furniture and a squeegee for carpets.

Paint your keys with nail polish to differentiate between them.

Clean your headlights with toothpaste and an old toothbrush.

To (un)screw a stripped screw, place a rubber band between the screwdriver and screw head.

Freeze herbs by chopping them up, mixing them with olive oil, and pouring the mixture into an ice cube tray.

Park in front of a bank at night--they have cameras and good lighting.

Call 311 for a non-emergent call to the police.

When you finally find something you thought you lost, put it back in the first place you looked, not back where you found it.

When giving CPR, time your chest compressions to the song "Stayin Alive".

Make your own garbage disposal cleansing tablets; cut up lemons and limes, add vinegar, and freeze in ice trays.

If you get a cut inside your mouth, rinse with a solution of hydrogen peroxide and water to clean it.

Keep an old, fully charged cell phone turned off in your glove compartment - all phones can dial 911 whether they are activated or not.

Check twitter for snowstorm updates and which restaurants/coffeeshops/grocery stores are open.

Face your phone speaker into an empty cup to amplify the sound.

To check if your noodles are done, try to break them with chopsticks.

Make any gloves touchscreen with conductive thread.

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In our brand new video series, Women in Media, members of Team TWIGG How-To will be discussing issues about women and their representation in the media. On our first episode, Caitlin and Alex meet up to talk about the ever mysterious Bechdel Test. I’m sure you’ve heard of it, but are you using it correctly?

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